Welcome, I am Toni Jordan


‘A new Toni Jordan is always a special pleasure and her latest is a wonderful, witty treat of a novel: cutting and clever, and yet so very romantic, as though P. G. Wodehouse had satirised life in the suburbs.’–Liane Moriarty

‘A highly entertaining romp through the complexities of modern relationships…A classic farce in the style of Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, complete with physical comedy, exaggerated situations and a spot of class commentary in the form of suburban satire, Our Tiny Useless Hearts is loads of fun and clever too.’–Books + Publishing

Toni’s Events

Please come and say hello!

I'm dropping in on bookstores and libraries around the country to chat about Our Tiny, Useless Hearts. I'd love to meet you. All the events are listed here, on the Text Publishing page. Please come [...]

Our Tiny, Useless Hearts

Our Tiny, Useless Hearts is my new book, out in May!

The arrival of L’Impossible Miss Ella

The gorgeous French edition of Fall Girl, L'Impossible Miss Ella, has arrived! L'spunky, no?